Writers Block

I have lots of good thoughts in this mind of mine. Our God has a mission on my mind to free those whose soul is bogged down by shame. It’s like a coat of skin so tightly ingrown with our own permanent being. Our pasts have seemingly conquered our futures for our hope has been stripped from us. These parts we so deeply try to hide to conceal the source or pain of our pasts. It creeps it’s self into our daily interactions with those closest and farthest from us.  I have felt the impact of hidden shame most recently in my parenting journey. As Sandra Wilson, Ph.D. shared in her book Released from Shame:

The truth is that parents are distracted by the pain of their own personal pain, the last thing they need or want is a real, human child with all his or her developmental limitations and legitimate needs. Instead of age-appropriate children, impaired parents actually want and need permanent-press “short adults” who can pass for children!

I have struggled so long under the insurmountable pressure I couldn’t get out from under. If you frequently feel hopeless to measure up to other humans in any area of life there is a possibility you could have some unresolved pain. Often times we can not immediately bring to mind the source of pain. Hope is here in the form of the Holy Spirit.

He knows the truth we need to see and when to present it (Psalm 51:6). God is faithful. He will not give you more than He knows you can get through together!


Freedom is found in sharing your source of pain with other humans. It’s like bursting the strings of shame tied so tightly to your heart. I will be sharing my story as I travel through this journey as healing takes place. My sincere hope is if even one person finds freedom from shame in this life, then I have followed His calling on my life. Find freedom friends. YOU. YOU. YOU ARE LOVED! Sweet Jesus he is and he has risen!


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