Ever had a dream?

We have a dream. God gave my husband a vision of owning a business, and soon! He gave us this dream 2 years ago when it seemed utterly impossible to accomplish. It was just this truth that had us giving it to God over and over. When we look at the possibility of it actually happening  it is very exciting. This will allow us to meet the needs we see in our communities. To help those who need to see the love of Christ. We will do that by using the increase from this miracle and multiplying it out to those who need it. We are stoked!

That being said as time marches on. The reality of our daily lives hits hard with its truth of lack. So I found myself rolling through days when I can’t remember what exactly happened. When all I could do is look to the future and live for that moment. I lost the reasons why I was here today. In those days of waiting we need to be present and prompt. Looking at the horizon is motivation enough. We must then turn our gaze to what the task for the day is. Is today a let housework sit and play with the kids day? Perhaps its telling them how much you love them and exercising boundaries of peace and rest while I allow God’s presence to engulf me with love and creating the humility I need to heal and parent well.

I didn’t always live this out and truth be told I forget it some days. I was hearing a lot about getting caught up in what will be, but not listening to what needs to be NOW. To get a prize in a marathon you can’t just keep thinking about the race. Success takes grit, loss, gain and promise. Promise of reward after working, physically and mentally. To create muscle it must first get fatigued. It is broken to re build. So when a day last week I lost that warm fuzzy connection of assurance as I think about this business I was a bit lost for a couple days. I finally opened up to my husband about it on our way to church. It’s these moments I love him most! His listening and truly responding with biblical wisdom. I get gitty proud of him! He told me that we have to trust that God is using these moments and days to see if we will still follow hard after Him. If He doesn’t (fill in the blank) will I still trust? Do I give up on the dream and sure vision because my feelings no longer match what they did days ago? How many times have I given up pursuing His will because of my fickle feelings. Too many times I’m afraid.

I know God still calls us to these dreams and visions. He has not changed the plan. He has changed me though. His plan requires I flex those muscles and use the weights of physical, mental and spiritual readiness. I am currently working on unlocking the power of shame in my life. He has started re-potting me if you will. He has exposed my roots in order to prune the pieces not needed and those that need some extra support. He allows growth of the strong places. All this to prepare us for that very moment when He calls us to lead as Christ would lead.

John 15: 1-2

John 15: 1-2

The process will continue after this vision is fulfilled as well. It never ends. May we never hear the sound of the millstone go quiet. The millstone was used to grind wheat into flour for bread. In Jesus’ day a child would awake to the sound of the millstone grinding. Here it represents the constant refining of all our being. God’s working and prompting should continue always. Keep making me!


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