I am enough 

Ever look passingly at your reflection and not recognize the body you see? I do, a lot. I have this personality that is vibrant, engaging and eager. Yet, no one today would believe the body of days past matched that personality. I see my face which hasn’t changed much the last 8 years or so. I feel beautiful from the chin up. And so that’s where my mirror stays.

I can’t connect the me I see to me I am in my mind.

This body has done miracles in the past few years. Babies and pregnancy complications led my body off some beaten path of repeated kidney stones, UTI and self guilt. I can say honestly now, lazy no good thinking caused my body to start stinkin’. My heart had a lot of maturing to do. My mind needed a renewal.

Just drop it! It’s my job to care for the body God gave me. This is my journey to do my part of getting this body back in working order and let God do what I can’t. I started by walking in the house just in place or across the living room. Then when I felt a bit stronger I stepped it up outside.

The truth is that no matter where I am at the moment, I am ALWAYS enough. I am just where I need to be for that day. If each day I stumble and fall and sit and pout then it’s a day I learn. I am enough for God. If it’s a super hero day. I am enough for God. Don’t diss the process. There are steps to healing, but those steps are no harder taken than if we never take them at all. Get up and get moving towards God. He is waiting for you.


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