Are you offended?

Recently, I was challenged to drop the offense.

It’s those moments of sin we gather like pebbles or boulders in an attempt to stone to death the relationship with the person who committed them.

It’s all the reasons ‘they’ stink! It is all the reasons we stink too. All too often we get consumed with rehashing the moments they caused us anger, pain or inconvenience. How much so have we caused the same in someone else’s life at the same time? Are those moments they chose to disregard, move ahead, jeer or make fun of a sum total of who they were created to be? Maybe it was just a moment in their life as it was in ours. If it was one of huge significance that cost you and someone else innocence or presence in this earthly life does it still need to be forgiven? Yes, Yes, a million times yes! That never changes. But, could you let the offense go? Could you forgive the doctor who gave you the medication that would surely end your pregnancy even though they assured you it was safe or the person who took full advantage of your innocence with all knowledge of  what they were doing? Then they had the nerve to ask you why you let them do it? I am broken, is all I could mutter.

Enter shame.

I should have, could have, would have, wanted too….

Shame slithers it’s sticky little fingers into all available holes drilled by the moments we can’t ever take back. It has attempted to hold the weights provided by those experiences. To strap us down to the ground and make us crawl under it’s weight while we still try to add ammo to our bags for the people who have wronged us.

It is all an attempt to keep the true freedom in Christ hidden from our view. To keep us so busy we can’t hear “draw closer” being whispered to our hearts. Dear friend please read this today. Justice is God’s job. Choosing to be offended is like being offered a load of bricks to hold in your hands and being unable to hold or do anything else due to the load in your arms. The other person has already walked away. They have moved on.


Build yourself a foundation of biblical truth on the word of God! Let those bricks wither in the light of day; for the reality is they were never yours to hold. Give them to God to handle! When we choose not to hold the offense it is significantly easier to see a person and not a target. Letting go is a process. It can be quick or plucked string by string as we process the hurt with the healer. God made people to help. He pre-called loving people who have followed his will and accomplished the necessary experiences to help you sort this out. We were never meant to do life alone. I am not a counselor or a therapist. I have myself and know of several others who have benefitted from time spent with just such knowledgeable individuals. If you are hurting today please reach out for help. There are people who you can contact online anonymously at


Open up, talk, don’t dare do this alone. God loves you. Be at peace. Love you always



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