Ma’am there is no baby

“Ma’am I need the doctor to take a look. I’ll be right back.”

Moments later the nurse returns with the doctor who confirms her thoughts.

Where a baby growing for 8 weeks should be, was only an empty sac.

My heart sank and tears stung my eyes. Again, Lord? See, we had lost a baby girl at 12 weeks gestation in 2003. Now, almost exactly 10 years later in 2013 we faced a similar feeling. We were surrounded by a peace we just couldn’t understand. Our immediate response was prayer.

“Lord, if this baby is to be, then let it be. If it is not, then let it pass quickly.”

We waited a week for movement. Something to change. Some confirmation either way so we could move forward from this unstable place of grief or gladness. Nothing happened.

That next week started with blood tests, ultrasounds (finally!) and more doctors visits. That week I had begun to feel sick. Our prayers had a tangible response! She was here! God had answered our prayer with a baby to fill that sac where only darkness sat. She was strong, healthy and right on her growth track. In just 7 days time there was a viable and living baby. Whoa!

God was faithful. That had not changed. He is always faithful. Even when we don’t get what we want. If it had been God’s will for that sac to pass with no baby in it, we would still have believed Him faithful. It goes so much further than what we want at the time. He is a big picture God. He sees his plans for everyone and how they intersect. All I know is our Lord has a plan for Emily’s life and that plan is for good!

HOPE. One definition listed is Trust. To expect with confidence.

We have trust in the Lord. We go to God with a confidence in his plans and use for every moment we experience.

Be well my friend!



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