Mom Things

Hey you made it!

That is an amazing feat these days! I struggle as a recovering perfectionist, yelling,  with LOTS of emotional scars from childhood. Not the best or most productive combination for a new mommy of littles under 5. Sheesh, the most emotionally healthy of us would and do struggle with this job.

If you don’t struggle, I want you number so I can pick your brain of new mommy tactics!

Seriously though, here is a safe place to simply read or reach out. I will share my hard truths to acknowledge with the ugly of my earlier mommy-ing days. I share how we make it along today. It’s a God focused home with clear goals and muddy days too. Yelling at a newborn, yeah I did it. Trust me no one needs to judge the moment, I do that enough for all of us. Guilty is all I can say. SAVED is all I can claim!

I love my daughters, they are the strongest struggle of my life. They are just what I needed. To push, stretch, break chains, build love muscles and get just how great God’s love for us truly is. He knew what He needed to do with these girls to guide us to His will. The stories that follow don’t always tie up in a neat little 30 minute bow. They do show us purpose in the pain and forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Love in the Light of HIS amazing GRACE. Because, MERCY WINS HERE!